So, You Call Yourself A Researcher

by Cathy Neal

Take the following quiz and see how well you do with research basics...

3. Federal Censuses are taken 1. Four-digit code needed to find
every ______ years surnames on the census
5. Due to privacy laws, census schedules 2. These types of records are
remain confidential for how many years? associated with the adjutant
Seventy-____ general's office
6. The definition for this term is 4. The first U.S. federal census was
"the study of one's lineage or ancestry" taken in year Seventeen _______
8. The first person to list on your 7. Periodical Source Index
pedigree chart developed by Allen County Public
. Library is known as ________
10. The state with the largest genealogical 9. Type of history every researcher
collection in the world should gather first

Crossword Answers:

Last updated: October 11, 2003