Gather Facts at Family Reunions

by AAGS Member Hasan Abdul-Alim

Family reunions are excellent for gathering facts and personal histories. The Melvin-Jacobs family reunion, July 4-6, 2003, was a joyous and rewarding experience. We had a chance to talk to the elders and get information on the family. I learned a lot more about my grandfather Caldwell Decker Melvin and grandmother, Amelia Archie. She had eighteen children. My Aunt Pat explained how good and a wonderful man my grandfather was. My grandmother was a blessed woman in her lifetime, she had two good men that loved all the children and family. C. D. Melvin was father to the first nine children and Jake Jacobs was the father of the last nine children.

Some of the elders are Pat Jacobs (FL), Rudolph Jacobs (FL), Kyletha Fields (FL), Estalla and Stalla Melvin (OH), Katie Jacobs (FL), C. D. Melvin (OH), and Marvin Rawls (FL).


Last updated: March 12, 2004