Spreading Family Reunion Traditions

Juanita Nutter took active part in planning the August 5, 2006 family reunion picnic for the McQueen, Perdue, Montgomery, Bentley, Johnson, and Holt families held in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. For kin and guests, it was food, fun, and fellowship at Forest Hills Park, where young and old joined to enjoy the annual event. Not only did the affair provide an opportunity to celebrate heritage, it also showcased family talents. Below are photos from the 2005 and 2006 reunions held in Cleveland Heights.

Marcia Dawson inscribed a beautiful quilt she especially made for her mother (Bernice Juanita Nutter). Ms. Dawson’s quality craftsmanship is always a hit, and her many quilts and other creations are traditionally raffled to family members. Collections of family genealogical information and photos were creatively designed and prominently displayed. Plus, the artistic abilities of cousins were also featured (including dolls, woodwork, jewelry, and pottery). Juanita is holding a unique, hand-made planter that was also raffled among attendees. These personal traditions add to the excitement and unity for future gatherings.

AAGS members Mose and Anita Payne attended the Bailey Reunion August 4-5, 2006 in Grand Junction, Tennessee. The “Meet & Greet” was held at the home of Judge D’Army Bailey in Memphis (who pushed for the development of the Civil Rights Museum at the site of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination – and who has also appeared in movies). Mose made a presentation about his grandmother, Julie Bailey, including genealogical finds. Julie Bailey’s descendants were glad to be involved.


Last updated: October 21, 2006