AAGS Reach out and help someone

Reach Out and Educate Someone

You don't have to be a member of the Education Committee to share your knowledge with others. The following members took the time to pass along their learning experiences in various ways:

Sherry Jackson shared the basics with two co-workers who had never seen a census record. Sherry took the opportunity to inform them about and provide them with genealogy charts, family group sheets, and web links. The effort was successful, as the new recruits did find some of their ancestors.

Valerie Stewart connected with a cousin who has the same grandmother (different grandfather). With Valerie's help using records from 1880 to 1930, they were able to determine more about the cousin's grandfather, Mack Jones II, the only son in that family's generation to live beyond the age of 20.

Rita Lewis lent a hand to new researcher Harry Hill (interested in Rabun County, Georgia). She set up a quick reference folder for easy use, data collection, and a very tempting phrase on the back that read "Just the beginning."

It started with a picture from Graham Lynch's father's photo album. Blanche Kirven stepped in to help identify the person in the photo. Blanche aided in putting the pieces together with Graham and June Lynch, who were able to include the photo of Arvona Lynch (Graham's grandmother) in material displayed at the last family reunion.

Carmine Stewart added a very creative and humorous touch in describing to AAGS members the variety of people that she helped with their genealogy experiences through a short collection of poems entitled, "Limericks by Dr. Steuss (also known as Carmine Stewart)". She assisted her neighbor & neighbor's sister, a landscaper friend, and a visitor at work.

Her prose captures the enjoyment of sharing the genealogy spirit.

To Reserve I brought in Bernard.
He worked just right 'cross the yard.
After finding one mister,
He brought in his sister,
And for two weeks they worked really hard.

I was trying to help my landscaper.
He had a few facts on some paper.
Found records of World War One,
Saying granddad's missing a thumb,
And a finger that they had to taper.

Friends sent me a lady named Mary.
Thought I was a gen'ology fairy.
Oh, we found some good stuff,
But Yahoo's not enough,
For the real meat you'll just have to tarry.

Glenda thinks that her family is hiding,
Cuz in Hickory she knows they're residing.
Their last name is Rink.
Oh, that's easy you'd think,
So to Fort Wayne we'll soon be a'riding.

They come to me one by one,
Cuz I seem to be having such fun.
When we go to Fort Wayne,
Or Salt Lake on the plane,
They don't know that there's work to be done..

Whether you're at the beginning stage or advanced stage, it's rewarding to reach out and educate others about genealogy. Spread it around. You never know, someone else just might catch the genealogy "bug."